Wood engraving & lino prints

Whilst much of my own artwork is painterly and spontaneous, I'm often drawn to quite graphic and 'structured' work with a particular fondness for hand-printed woodblock and linoprints.

Angie Lewin
'Moonlit Loch' (t)
'Scarista' (m)
'Moonlight' detail (b)
Richard Bawden 'Sasha'
Robert Tavener

I like the graphic nature of the prints, but also like that the prints retain drawn qualities and imperfections evident of a hand-made process.

These are some cards I've collected featuring the gorgeous work of English printmakers Angie Lewin, Richard Bawden and Robert Tavener.


  1. I've loved the Norfolk/Suffolk printmakers for a while now - time to get me some of their work!

  2. I love your blog, lucy, it's scrumptious! I shall be commissioning a necklace later this year as I have some beautiful but sadly broken china that belonged to my grandmother. Meantime, have a wonderful 2010! jen. ;)

  3. Hi Jen, thanks for your lovely comments and I'm glad you like my little blog! :-)
    I had a look at your website, I'm very jealous you work at the Abbotsford Convent - I love it there and it always seems such a creative place to work. I lauged too that you can be found digging around in op-shops and trying on vintage clothes - snap!!