I've made it a new years resolution to get back into sketching, drawing and painting on a more regular basis - and I've been feeling inspired now I have lots of colourful and patterned vintage china and kitcheny things around me.

I'm trying not to think too much about what I'm painting, but just to 'let go' and get back into the swing of drawing in a more expressive manner.

I find it takes me a while to losen up, and not make everything too perfect or 'finished'. Often the design / illustration work I'm commissioned to produce requires for more realistic artwork, so with these sketches I'm doing just for me I want to get back to not worrying about how realisitc the drawings are and just have some fun with painting.

The sketches seen here are a mix of watercolours, line and wash, quink ink and gouache.


  1. Such lovely Illustrations Lucy, though I expect nothing less! Thanks for sharing your sketchbook with us.
    I have to admit though to not knowing what quink ink was and I had to google it. Do you use it because it's not quite water proof like indian ink and will run a little when you paint over it? Or is it because you use it with a fountain pen? Or is it the colour of the black? Or is it just because! I'll stop rambling now ... xx

  2. Hi Allison! Thanks for your comments :-)
    I guess I like working with quink ink because when used with lots of water and allowed to run and bleed you get other colours coming through, like subtle blues and yellowy tones. It's black, but without being a solid harsh black. Where it's also really handy is you can paint bleach over it to bleach out details (either full stength bleach, or watered down for a softer effect). My Bowerbird header artwork was also created with Quink ink! x

  3. Thanks for sharing that information Lucy, I've always loved the bleachy aspects of your header, it really does soften the black in such a lovely way ...

  4. Hello! I found your blog via your website via your etsy whilst researching the willow pattern for my ceramics class at college and I LOVE your work! Its so very incredibly clever of you to use these old plates and give them a new lease of life when most people wouldn't look twice at them! Your watercolours are beautiful too. I'll be adding you to my google reader, thats for sure :) Thank you for sharing such wonderful work. Regards, Katy Mitchell.

  5. Hi Katy! Thanks so much for your message and thanks for your lovely feedback about my work - I'm really pleased you like the jewellery and my watercolours :-)

    I've just had a look at your blog - I see you're English too! Congrats on your Etsy sale and I hope you make many more.

    Thanks again - it's lovely to get such positive feedback out of the blue and it's made my evening. Lucy :-)