New Year ponderings....

6pm New Years Eve - a lovely way to see out 2009 at our favourite beach
7pm New Years Eve
7.30pm New Years Eve

Well, here we are in 2010.

A new decade and I’m wondering what the next year - and next decade will have in store.... The last decade saw me move half way around the world to make the transition from home in England to home in Australia.

And last year I made the big (and maybe crazy) decision to leave my job to try and make a living running my own business being creative.

2010 has a lot to live up to! I’m currently sitting here trying to get organised with what to focus on for the next few months..... I’m sure it’s a common problem for creative people, but I find I have so many projects I want to work on – that I just don’t know what to prioritise! I like having several things to work on at any one time, but this can also be frustrating as I don’t achieve anything because I have too many jumbled ideas.

So, I’m starting my new year putting some key goals and plans in place to remind myself what it is I’m working towards.....oh and of course a never ending list of ideas, projects and new things to work on!!


  1. Happy new year Lucy!Love the photo with the silhouette trees and the cantaloupe clouds. When the clouds are puffy like that I could watch them all day. I find it so calming. I hope the transition from England to Australia has been good one for you. It must be really difficult leaving family back home. My mum lives in the next street to me and my sister in the next suburb... I don't know what I'd do if they were half way around the world!

  2. Hi Allison, Yes it can be difficult and sometimes quite isolating being so far away from friends and family - but it's worth it as Melbourne is a great cultural, beautiful and fun city to live in! The sunshine helps too!! :)