Happy Christmas!

 'Happy Christmas' tableware exclusive to David Jones (designed by me!)

Original artwork and design concepts by Lucy King Design

I was doing some Christmas shopping last week, when I came across a display in David Jones of a range of ceramics that I designed last year!  It's always exciting to unexpectedly stumble across designs I've worked on and to see them as finished products.

The 'Happy Christmas' range of ceramic and tabletop items were designed exclusively for David Jones, and created as simple, graphic motifs - rather than my usual hand-painted artwork.  The design features traditional Christmas motifs assembled in a fun layout with a bold colour scheme.  Cute!

Wishing everyone many happy festivities and lots of seasonal cheer!  Merry Christmas!!

Japanese mugs - update!

I have two new additions to my little Japanese mug collection.  How super-cute are these two green mugs - and the best part about these new additions is they were sent to me by a lovely lady who spotted them in her local op-shop!

I already have a similar mug to the one on the left, but not with the fab scalloped handle this one has.  I've never seen this style of handle before so its great to add to my collection. 

It was so thoughtful and generous of the lady who posted them to me....although Mr B is a little worried that other people are sending me cute second-hand ceramics to fill the house up!  Sending out a big 'thank you' as I love them - and don't worry I can always find room for cute little patterned ceramic lovelies! 

Avoca Handweavers, Ireland

When I was in Ireland recently I visited the historic Avoca hand weaving mill, situated in the beautiful rural village of Avoca, County Wexford.  Established in 1723 Avoca is the oldest working woollen mill in Ireland and apparently Ireland's oldest surviving business. 

The mill was originally set up as a co-operative where farmers could spin and weave their wool, before being turned into tweeds and blankets.   Initially the wool was collected from the local sheep of the surrounding hills and valleys and through a process of carding, spinning, dyeing and weaving it was transformed into clothing and blankets.

In 1760 a Fly Shuttle Loom, capable of weaving up to 20 metres of cloth a day arrived, and workers concerned about possible unemployment resorted to burning some looms.  

It was great to walk through the working mill and view the weaving process first hand.  Whilst some of it is now mechanised, there are still several original fly shuttle looms being operated.  The mill is surprisingly noisy with all the machinery - but I loved seeing the different processes involved with the weaving, and all the bright coloured wools and yarns being turned into exquisite fabrics.

Avoca has a gorgeous shop selling a range of their beautiful woven textile products - I treated myself to a lovely red woven jacket whilst I was there!  You can shop at Avoca online too.   

Goodies from England

I've just recently got back from a big trip to England and Ireland, where we took little baby Jasper to meet his grandparents.  Sadly, travelling with a baby means not a lot of spare luggage allowance for hunting down British second-hand ceramic goodies.  However, I did manage to squeeze this very cute china jug and bowl in my suitcase - somewhere in between babygrows and nappies!

I don't know who the original manufacturer is, as unfortunately there's no backstamp only a 'Made in England' stamp on the bottom.  I loved the classic retro pattern, colours and the use of dots for texture.  Super-cute!
Here's the little guy in England, just catching up on current British news and reading about the Euro crisis!