Kitchen things

A few months ago we headed along to the closing down sale at the Mornington Antiques Centre.  I was kind of sad the day I discovered it was the day it was closing down - typical!
We picked up this cute little sideboard - I actually think it may have originally been designed or used for a record player and housing records (yep remember those vinyl round things we used to listen to music on!!) because of the tall thin compartments on the right hand side, that don't seem to be suitable for storing anything apart from wine!!
We decided anyway to use it in our kitchen, as its perfect for storing sideplates, teatowels and some of my teapots and kettles - such as this little retro beauty complete with whistling spout!
I also bought this orange patterend enamel dish - which matches the coffee pot I already had.  Perfect!   
And how about this gorgeous metal tin with fabulous illustrations all the way around.  I've no idea of the age or origins of the tin - but I just loved the very cute kitchen themed patterns and colours and for a whole $4 I thought it was a bargain!

If you're interested in all things 'kitchen' you must head over to Liz Jones' (of Betty Jo Designs) new blog You Will Always Find Me......  She has started a blog all about 'kitchen goodness' and like me she has a fondess for all things vintage, retro, colourful and quirky in the kitchen! 
It's going to be a fabulous blog and features some images of Liz's own amazing kitchen (see above).  You can submit your own kitchen pics too - which I will be doing very soon!  The blog has gone straight to my bookmarks poolroom (if you know what I mean!) 

Fryerstown Antique Fair

I went to the Fryerstown Antique Fair on the weekend, it's a bit of an annual pilgrimage for me and I love having a good rummage in all the stalls!  
Fryerstown is a small village near Castlemaine in the Goldfields region, and the fair is a mix of antiques, collectables, second hand furniture, books, kitchen items and random bits and pieces.  There are heaps of stalls and its pretty impossible to leave without buying something!!
The fair is set up outside amongst the trees and shrubs - which thankfully provide a little shade as it is always very hot, dry and dusty!
I couldn't resist this little old orange enamel coffee pot, or the two vintage linen tea towels featuring a map of the London Underground and a great selection of cocktails!

Exciting new melamine designs!

I'm very excited about some melamine designs I've been working on arrived in the post this week!  I'd started developing a range of designs last year for Lucy King Design, and of course everything got delayed with the sampling due to christmas - but they have all arrived now!

As usual I couldn't decide on one particular range of designs - and so I sampled all of them!  It's the worst thing being a designer is having so many ideas - too many ideas most of the time.  And having no brief to answer means endless options for design themes and styles......graphic, retro, hand painted, pretty, bold etc etc. 

I'd love to be able to create and develop my own range, but apart from having to work out all the manufacturing costs, packaging, retail margins, how to sell the products and if it's actually viable to do (and make a profit myself!) I first need to narrow down the designs to proceed with - and that's the tricky part!!

So, I'm hoping I can ask for some help and feedback from whoever might see this blog post and is kind enough to cast their vote from the designs below.  I've divided the designs into themes - so you can either nominate a theme you like, or a specific design, or your top 3 designs! 
The design references are all under the pictures.

Floral 1
Floral 2
Floral 3
Floral 4
Map 1 (Australia East Coast)
Map 2 (Australia)
Map 3 (United Kingdom)
Retro 1 (wallpaper)
Retro 2 (fabric)
Retro 3 (wallpaper)
Retro Floral 1
Retro Floral 2
Retro Floral 3
Vintage 1
Vintage 2
Vintage 3
Vintage 4
Vintage 5
Vintage 6
Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated - thank you!  You can vote anonomously too if you'd rather not leave your name or link to a website / blog.    

Me Old China off to Portobello Lane

I've just sent a package of Me Old China jewellery off to the very lovely Portobello Lane in South Yarra!  It's always exciting to package the jewellery pieces up knowing they are going to a good home and will be sitting with other beautiful jewellery creations.
Portobello Lane have selected quite a few pieces from the 'Fancy A Cuppa' collection, including a range of teacup, kettle and teapot brooches (above) and pendants (below)
And also some Willow pieces from the 'High Tea' collection (below).  The double pendant featuring the doves is one of my favourite pieces - and I was quite tempted to keep it for myself! 
A big thank you to Portobello Lane for their continued support with Me Old China :-)

This is For You - Rob Ryan

I received some great books for Christmas this year, I always love getting inspiration and reference books as gifts and I normally have a long list of titles that I'm after!  This sweet book was a surprise from my lovely partner Mr B, it's called 'This is For You' and its full of the most beautiful paper cut illustrations by Rob Ryan
I think Rob Ryans work is really quite amazing! On my last two visits to London I've tried to visit his shop in the very cute Columbia Road, but sadly have always been in the area when its closed :(
Whilst the book isn't the same as seeing his work in person, its lovely to see his exceptionally cute and superbly intricate paper cut illustrations narrating thoughts on loneliness and finding love.
I'm amazed at the level of patience you must have to be able to cut such detailed artwork with nothing more than a scalpel blade, keen eye and very steady hands!  You wouldn't want to lose concentration or have to answer the phone whilst working on these pieces!!
So very lovely - thank you Mr B!  Rob Ryan also has an Etsy shop selling his paper cuts and screen printed designs here!