Python's Party

I picked up this fabulous childrens book at a second hand shop a few weeks ago as I couldn't resist the wonderful illustrations.  Python's Party was originally published in England in 1974 and was written and illustrated by Brian Wildsmith.

Python's Party tells the story of a sneaky Python living in the jungle. Python is feeling hungry and all the jungle animals are hiding from him...... so Python decides to throw a party to lure the animals out! The animals can't resist a party and decide to attend and perform party tricks. However, Python saves his party trick until last and lures all the animas into his mouth!! Luckily Elephant tramples by saves the animals by stamping on Pythons tail.
The illustrations are worth buying the book for - even you don't have any children to read the book to!  The book is still available today under the new title 'Jungle Party'.


  1. One of my favorite childrens books is "The Lazy Bear " by Brian Wildsmith. After I bought it from the op shop I realized it was signed by Brian himself!
    I love his vivid colour palette, and his stories are lovely.

  2. Ooh lucky you getting a signed book - that's great!! I haven't seen any of his other books - but I'll be keeping my eyes peeled from now on. It was nice to read about him on the link on your blog. Thanks for sharing! Lucy :-)

  3. hello bumble bee!
    your blog is so lovely to look at!
    thankyou for sharing all the pretty pictures!
    <3 x x