I thought I'd share another great reference book I got for my birthday a few weeks ago.  I love getting reference books as presents - and my partner Mr B always chooses me great ones!  The book I got this year was Wallpaper: The Ultimate Guide, by Charlotte Abrahams.

It's a great book covering the history of wallpaper, profiles on key wallpaper designers and manufacturers (both historical and current) and loads of reference imagery. 

Wallpaper has always been popular in the UK, but I noticed when I moved to Australia it wasn't something people really had in their homes.  It does seem to be getting more popular however, especially with the development of more contemporary designs, textured papers, and wallpaper being used as features - rather than papering whole walls.
The book shows some great examples of how you can use wallpaper in different ways - and some people have been really bold with their choices of patterns and colours.  I particularly love the bold retro patterns seen above, and how single strips of different wallpapers have been placed side by side to create a striped-effect feature wall in the childrens room.
I love the use of the architectural-style green geometric paper in the hallway above, and great use of wallpaper placed inside the cupboard - very cute!
Wallpaper: The Ultimate Guide can be bought on-line through Amazon but if you're in Melbourne I'd recommend getting it through the excellent Metropolis Bookshop in the city.

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