Blue Urchin Gallery, Trentham

I'm finally back on-line after 8 weeks with a new baby! Little Miss D arrived 2 days early and she has settled into family life quite nicely.  There's not much time to do a lot these days between her and a very busy Mr J, but I have had time to get my other baby (my tea towels) into a couple of local shops in the lead up to Christmas.   
I've been lucky enough to have my tea towel collection, along with my greetings cards and the Me Old China range of jewellery selected to be a part of the work showcased at the newly opened Blue Urchin Gallery in Trentham.  
The gallery space run by Tina Lee, houses work by local and Australian artists, and is a really lovely curated selection of ceramics and ceramic-inspired products.  It's lovely to have the Me Old China range of jewellery back out on show, as it's all been boxed away since we moved house two years ago!    
In the gallery cushions with teapots sit alongside hand-thrown ceramic vessles and decorative plates, painted artwork and stoneware pots filled with herbs hang from walls, with hand-made jewellery items and children's ranges of ceramic pieces are found amongst the collection.   

Tina also runs after-school children's ceramic workshops from the studio space at the back of the gallery, including the use of pottery wheels (takes me back to ceramic lessons at school where everyone loved trying their hand on the pottery wheel - with lots of mess and without much success) great fun!
 The Blue Urchin Gallery: 37 high Street, Trentham
I'm delighted to be supported by independant and local retailers, and I'm super chuffed that Kyneton's beautiful boutique store Rundell & Rundell are now also stocking my tea towel collection, alongside their selection of hand-made and tradtionally crafted goods. The first order sold out in two weeks, but more has been added to the shop!   

I've posted about the Rundell & Rundell woodwork workshops previously, and you can see an article about the very cute shop Glen and Lisa Rundell run on The Countryfiles

Rundell & Rundell: 29 Piper Street, Kyneton   


  1. Congratulations on your baby girl!!! And also on your beautiful range, must be so exciting to walk into a shop and see your things for sale :-)

  2. Congratulations, Lucy! I hope you've had a glorious Christmas. Jx