I want this dolls house - for my home!

I've found my dream home..... sadly it's a dolls house!

I came across this article in the fabulous Frankie magazine about a lady who has a 'secret world of dolls houses' - and I found myself wishing I was one of her dolls as I'd love to live in such a pattern-crazy retro house!!  
Just look at this kitchen! O.M.G!!  It's perfect with its retro style coloured cupboards, green deluxe fridge and enamel cooking pots.  Too cute!!
A perfect example of a 1960's / 70's lounge with brown and orange striped couch cushions and coordinating chairs.  Do you think they are a terry-toweling type material - I do hope so!
The level of detail in the dolls house is amazing.....from the patterned wallpapers, vintage and retro furniture, food packaging in the kitchen, posters, to old telephones, tableware, lamps and and glassware etc.  The sewing desk complete with folded fabrics, old sewing machine, cutting matt and cup of coffee is adorable!
And lastly, an orange bath and matching toilet - what more could you want! 

The scanned pictures don't really do the dolls house much justice or show up all the little cute details - so head out and check out issue #38 of Frankie magazine.  I'm off to join the other dolls to do some sewing, stick a record on and plan a dinner party to utilise that fabulous kitchen....


  1. Hi there,
    this is the flickr site... if the mag wasnt enough you can go into great detail over her years of collecting the beautiful rement she owns....She is clever and funny and lives in melbourne too!

  2. Oh wow! Thank you sooo much for the flickr links - they're amazing!! So much detail in all the rooms and so much retro goodness.
    Thanks again! Lucy x