Fire mantle before & after

When we moved into our house a few years ago the lounge room had an original fire mantle in front of a boarded-up fireplace. As part of our on-going house renovations we decided to try and restore the fire mantle....
Fire mantle - before
First of all we stripped it all back to reveal the original timber, and gave it a really good sand and polish. Although it looked lovely after stripping it back sadly it no longer went with the rest of the room post reno's (especially since we opened up the original fireplace). Instead of getting rid of it we decided not to waste our hard work but to find other uses for it....
Fire mantle - after

Part of the mantle legs created a wide shelf in the exposed fireplace, we knocked out the centre panel and replaced the wood backing with mirror to create a mirror in our hallway, and finally we used the top of the mantle to create a shelf above the old stove in our kitchen!

It's lovely to be able to re-use something that was originally part of the house and recycle into 'new' furniture.


  1. Hi Lucy, sorry I missed you yesterday at Dear Prudence! I'm told you had on a beautiful piece of jewellery, created by you, so I'm off to the Art Gallery to hunt it down. Love the transformation of the fireplace, and recycling of the 'leftovers'!!!!
    ps is'nt Julie a gem!

  2. Hi 'dear prudence'! Thanks for popping by :-)
    I love your shop - I bought a couple of plates and a fabulous red costume ring!! I'll definitely be coming back as I ran out of time to check out all the great clothes! Love both yours and Julies style and very jealous you have access to such great vintage and retro clothes and accessories ;-)
    Maybe see you next time! Lucy

  3. *Gasp* I adore that stove!! I've just been looking at your jewellery and designs. I just love them. A favourite cup of mine broke recently and I threw it out. I wish I had kept it so you could work your magic! I'm glad you had a good time in Ballarat. Julie x

  4. Thanks Julie - glad you like the jewellery designs :-) Thanks again for your help and I'll be back again soon so save some 1950's dresses for me!! Lucy x

  5. Hey Lucy!

    Just wanted to write you a quick note to say thanks so so much for your sweet words over on my blog! I really appreciate your support and encouragement! :)

    Also... these pics of your home look super-cute! Would you consider doing a 'Melbourne home' tour on my site? I would love to see more pics... and I'm sure my readers would too!

    Just let me know!

    Lucy xx

  6. Hi Lucy! Lovely to hear from you :-)

    Ohhh most excitment!..... I'd be very flattered to do a Melbourne home tour for your fabulous site!!!
    I'll send you an e-mail when my heart rate has returned to normal
    Lucy x