Ballarat Art Gallery

I was delighted last week when The Art Gallery of Ballarat contacted me to stock my Me Old China range of jewellery! The gallery shop is having a bit of a revamp and I'm really excited that my work will be part of the new-look shop amongst many other fantastic Australian designer products.

It had been several years since I was last in Ballarat and so visiting the gallery was a great chance for a long overdue visit. I had forgotton what a lovely city it is with original colonial style buildings and wide tree-lined streets.

For any non-Australians Ballarat is an old mining town where Gold was discovered in 1851 (the second largest gold nugget ever found in a Australia was found in Ballarat in 1858!) At one point during the gold explosion there were up to 20,000 diggers in the shafts of the Ballarat Goldfields all searching for gold.

Thanks again to the Art Gallery of Ballarat for their support and enthusiasm for my work!


  1. love your designs. i look forward to seeing your pieces when i drop by the gallery shop.

  2. Hi Mystery Flight Vintage!
    Thanks for your comments :-)

    What is it with you funky girls in Ballarat - you have the best vintage stuff! I lurve the cute floral print dress on your blog.... might have to go and check out your Ebay store! (naughty tempting me like that!) ;-)

  3. Wow Lucy ... congratulations! That's fantastic news. Though it doesn't surprise me at all, 'me old china' is such a lovely concept and range. Looks like I might have an excuse to make a little day trip!
    PS congrats on the MOR win. You will be the sweetest smelling gal in Melbourne!
    Allison xx

  4. Thanks Allison - and yes it's worth a visit to Ballarat (and onto Daylesford). It's a really relaxed place with some great shops and all the people I met were just lovely.

    I was chuffed about the MOR win too! :-)
    Lucy x