Fab purchases in Ballarat!

I thought I'd share some of my fabulous purchases from the op-shops and vintage stores in Ballarat.... I had a wonderful day shopping and it was fun finding some new places for second-hand plates and clothing.
A very big THANK YOU to the gorgeous Julie from Ballarat Vintage Style (check out her blog - I'm very jealous of the wonderful clothes she finds and would love to rifle through her wardrobe!) for meeting with some strange woman (me!) wanting to know the best vintage shops to visit!!

I found the fab retro plates above, with many of the designs manufactured by Broadhust and designed by Kathie Winkle. I just love her designs - classic retro patterns and colours :-)

It's funny how sometimes I buy in colour combinations - it's totally accidental, but when I got home I realised the plates grouped themselves perfectly into specific colour combinations!
Also quite funny were my other purchases....I'm not really a red person, but I was really drawn to the red costume ring from Dear Prudence (this shop is definitely worth a visit) and this fantastic vintage red bag from Ruby Rouge. I then found a red and white polka-dot dress - phew - that's quite enough red for one day!


  1. oh my what gorgeous finds. im especially loving all of those plates. lucky you : )

  2. Happy to hear you had a great day in downtown Ballarat. I hope some of these plates will make their way in the form of jewellery to the Ballarat Art Galley!

  3. Thanks guys! Yes the plates are gorgeous - some I'll save for drawing and others will make their way into 'Me Old China' projects (if I can bear to get them cut!!)

  4. I'm just about to move to Ballarat and so your recent posts on Ballarat were a welcome find! Thankyou!

  5. Hi Alexandra!
    Oohh good luck with your move to Ballarat - I had a great time there and all the people I met were just lovely. It's so handy being close to Daylesford as well. Lucy :-)

  6. Always fun to find another fan of Kathie Winkle!
    (found you via pictures of your house on The Design Files).