Sweet smelling treats!

I was lucky enough to win the 'MOR' giveaway over on the fabulous Design Files last week! I never win anything so I was delighted to win the beautifully packaged range of MOR products - gorgeous packaging, not tested on animals and made in Australia - what more could you want.
A big 'thank you' to The Design Files and to MOR :-)


  1. HA thanks Lucy! Wow they arrived in record time! Nice work MOR!

    Heeyy.. I couldn't wait - I have scheduled your home tour on my site for tomorrow morning! It'll be up from 6.00am. Thanks again so so much for being involved, and for all the gorgeous pics... it looks AMAZING. seriously! Hope you like! xx

  2. Hi, I just love your style as seen on The Design Files, we share such similar taste, esp in reference to the 1950s kitchen, Aussie style! I'll add your blog to my reader and follow along!

  3. Hi Amanda!
    Thanks for stopping by - and glad you like my Aussie stove too, it's soooo cute! Lucy :-)