My little house on The Design Files!

I was really excited today when my little house was featured on the ever brilliant The Design Files!
You can see the full post and more images at: The Design Files

A big 'thank you' to Lucy over at The Design files for making my house look lovely and for featuring my home and it's treaures on her wonderful blog (it really is the best blog!)

It's quite nerve-wracking knowing your home is going to be looked at by lots of people - especially as we're still in the process of renovating it. It's also nice though to share it with people, and I love having a peek at other peoples homes so I guess its only fair I share mine! Enjoy :-)


  1. Congratulations Lucy! I loved this post on the Design Files, especially the photos of your very decorative doorway - a great way to display postcards and inspiring bits and pieces. And your recycled pot plants are very sweet.

  2. Hey Lucy! So sorry I did not see this until just now! (sorrrry!!). Thanks so much for the lovely linkage for for sharing your gorgeous place on my site! :)

    Chat soon! xx