My new town

Kyneton - we have arrived!

My studio in boxes 
The Jolly cat settles in amongst the piles of clothes and blankets 
Our first frost since living in England!  Brrr
It's been a while since I last blogged - due to our house move to Kyneton!  I wrote about Kyneton a few months ago and since then we've sold our house in Coburg and moved to the country!! 

It's been a crazy few months firstly with selling our house, and then packing up our whole life to relocate to a new area.  With little Mr Jasper around (and no grandparents in Australia for babysitting duties) it's been doubly hard finding the time to pack, move, unpack and get organised.

Last year I posted about a children's book I bought, called 'Town & Country'.  The book is about the difference between living in a big city and living in the country - and it summed up my dilemma about whether I wanted to be a city gal, or a country gal.  Both myself and Mr B grew up in small country villages in England, so we both loved the idea of moving to the country - but Melbourne is such a fabulous city that it was a big decision to up-sticks and move away. 

We've decided to rent for a while to see if we like living in the area before committing to buying another house.  On our first night here we had a frost overnight - it was very exciting to wake up in the morning to see 'Jack Frost' had visited and painted the landscape in a crisp white coating - I think it's the first big frost we've seen since living in England! 

Must get back to unpacking.....