Recycled paper baby bunting

3 years ago I wrote about making some bunting out of recycled fabrics, in preparation for our first baby...... well, the time has now come to make some more bunting in preparation for our second baby (eek!) but this time I've made the bunting above out of recycled paper.
The inspiration for the paper bunting came after a visit to one of our favourite cafes Red Beard Bakery in Trentham.  Red Beard had some paper bunting which had been made from old books, and I thought it was a great idea and a perfect way to use some of the collection of second-hand Little Golden Books I'd been collecting.     
The illustrations from the books have been perfect to make the bunting and I love the vintage feel it captures.  I also like the way the mix of stories and images used aren't specifically 'girl' or 'boy' but a nice mix of various illustrations and themes.   
Here's how I made the paper bunting:
1.  Drew a triangular shape onto an old piece of cardboard - making sure the triangle would fit onto the Little Golden Books I was going to use for the bunting.  I also added on a 2cm rectangular top section to the triangle shape so I had some excess to fold over and secure to the ribbon.
2.  Cut out the triangle to make a template.
3.  Selected the Little Golden Books and tore out all the pages and illustrations I wanted to use for the bunting. 
4.  Used the triangle template to trace the shape onto the torn pages, and then carefully cut each page.
5.  Folded the rectangular top section of the triangle in half (so 1cm was above the triangle and 1cm folded to sit over the ribbon) and stuck double sided tape to the back of it. 
6.  Select the ribbon to use (I used 3 different patterns, or you could use string) and hook the folded part of the bunting over the ribbon and stick to the double sided tape to secure.  I also added some sticky-tape on the back as well to fully secure in place.
7.  String bunting up to your wall using removable hooks.
8. Stand back and admire your crafty work!


  1. Congratulations on the bunting and on the news of the coming of your new little one!

  2. Congratulations on the wonderful news Lucy! Little Golden Books were a big part of my childhood, I love that you made bunting out of the pages and the vintage look.