CERES community environment park

                                                  CERES organic cafe

Some of the sculptures at the park - love the ironwork Kingfisher and the wire Kookaburra

              Bicycle workshop - love the use of old bike wheels as trellis for the vine!

                                                       Colourful murals              
                      Some of the rather fabulous free range chooks and roosters

                                                  The CERES plant nursery
A few weeks ago me and little Mr J visited CERES for a stroll in the sunshine.  CERES is a fabulous environment park / farm, with a cafe, a great plant nursery, allotments, a chook house and all near Merri Creek in Brunswick.

The area used to be a bit of a wasteland, but over the years its been developed into a fabulous eco community space with the help of volunteers.  There are a number of environmental and sustainable initiatives including the use of composing toilets, energy efficient lighting, recycling water, solar hot water, recycling food scraps to the chooks, revitalising and selling old bikes and growing local organic food.   

"Our mission is to demonstrate how an urban city farm can anchor a community and contribute to the local economy; providing an ethical market place, employment and opportunities for farmers, producers, teachers and food workers in an environment where we can celebrate the harvest."

It's a lovely place to go for a stroll - and if you go on a Wednesday or Saturday you'll be able to visit the organic market with its locally produced fruit and veggies, freshly baked breads and fair trade coffee. Yum!

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  1. I also love the coffee and breakfasts at Ceres