Beryl Cook's 'New York'

Another trip to the charity shops yeilded a great purchase of this book by fantastic British painter Beryl Cook in fabulous condition! Beryl Cook's 'New York' depicts everyday people, scenes and daily life she witnessed in New York during a holiday in 1983 - all painted in her trademark humerous and flamboyant style.

'Tango' detail

Beryl's paintings always bring a smile to my face, it's the mix of her always larger-than-life and buxom characters, and her ability to capture everyday encounters of ordinary people in such an amusing manner!

'Lunch in the Gardens' - detail

Beryl has been quoted saying 'I don't know how my pictures happen, they just do. They exist, but for the life of me I can't explain them'.

However she created them I think they are wonderful and love how she captures the British sense of humour perfectly through these naive and quirky paintings, with a great eye for capturing the humour in everyday life of ordinary people.

I can't seem to find the New York book for sale on-line as a new copy, but you can buy 'The World of Beryl Cook' and other titles (inc used versions) here.

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