Market day

This Saturday was market day in Kyneton.  It's one of my favourite days and a lovely way to kick-start the weekend, with a coffee (OK and a muffin) from a local cafe, followed by a stroll around the market.

The farmers market is held once a month and is full of lots of beautiful local produce, with a great selection of fruit, vegetables, olive oils, home-made dips, preserves, jams, freshly baked breads, farm eggs, beer, wine, chooks and plants.  The sellers at the market vary depending what is in season, but you always know it's locally made and produced.

The market has also spread further along Piper Street and into the local church, to incorporate the Makers Market.  Hand-made products and local arts and crafts are on offer, including stationary, gift cards, children's clothing, hats, knitted items, wooden toys, clothing and plants.

The fruit and veg looked particularly colourful against the Autumn leaf backdrop, and with my basket of goodies I've made a vegetable curry and a delicious vegetable and barley soup - yum!


  1. Sorry for the random question but I have wanted to move out to Kyneton for quite a while now, I am originally from a country town but am now a city dweller. How have you found the move so far? Do you commute to Melbourne often? What is the community like - I imagine the mix of longtime locals and then the influx of younger city people moving out there might be a bit strange.

  2. Hello p0nderosa!

    We've absolutely loved making the move from the city to Kyneton, and can highly recommend making the move. We've been here for almost a year now, and despite many reservations about making the move we're really pleased we headed out to the country and are very settled and happy here.

    My partner commutes to Melbourne for work on a daily basis, and this is the major drawback of living here. It is a long commute, and if there are issues with the trains it can cause long delays. He drives once or twice a week, and gets the train the rest of the time.

    I regularly head down to Melbourne, but have the flexibility of being able to go in my own time and outside of commuting times. I can make it into the city in about 50 mins - and often the delays start as soon as you actually get into the city. It's taken me nearly as long to drive down Lygon Street or Nicholson street, as it has to drive from Kyneton to the city!

    There are some great cafes and restaurants here (with good coffee!) and a nice selection of little shops to browse in. There are enough 'general' everyday shops (post office, banks, newsagent, stationers, hardware stores, Op-shops etc) that most things I need on a daily basis are within walking distance.

    It's great being able to walk or cycle everywhere, there's very little traffic, people are friendly, we have great local produce and there's lots of parks for my little boy to play in!

    I've found the community to be lovely, but it helps that I have a little toddler and so I've met lots of mums in a similar situation to me. I haven't experienced any resistance to being an 'outsider' - I'm sure local businesses are very happy about people moving here and Estate Agents too, as house prices have increased massivly!

    My advice would be to rent in the area first, and experience living in the area and doing the commute to see how you get on. I do know of a few people who are moving back to Melbourne as they are finding the commute too much.

    All the best with the move if you decide to head out into the country!


  3. Lucy thanks so much for all this information!! We have been looking at Kyneton for a year or two and in that time the prices have skyrocketed. Our main concern was definitely the commute, especially considering how unreliable the melbourne railways are.

    We used to go to Kyneton quite a bit! (unfortunately in Brisbane temporarily now for work) We loved going to Little Swallow for breakfast, its amazing. Also love all the surrounding towns and the artisanal/creative people that seem to flock there. Being in Queensland has made me want to move there even more as this state really lacks that wonderful Victorian creative/gourmet/grassroots vibe.

    We have a 6 week old son so it is also great to hear that it is a good environment for kids! :)

  4. I think I'd happily be in Brisbane at the moment for some warmth - it's been a pretty chilly 4C here today!! If you do go ahead and move to K-town make sure to get in touch and I can meet you for a coffee :) Congrats with your new baby x