Moving on....

Our little house......sold!
Looking back on all the renovations we did - this is what confronted us after a
'simple' re-stumping process!!

Plaster was removed, with architraves and skirting boards removed to insulate internal & external walls. 
The front garden before......
......and after
We lived in the house throughout all the renovation crazyness.... here Mr B combines studying for a Masters whilst also working full time and house renovating in evenings and weekends!
                                                           Mr B installs the new kitchen.......

......with help from Jolly cat!

The living room & kitchen before.....

.....And after

Some favourite house details

Last week our house sold!  It feels quite exciting, but also quite sad at the same time.  Its the first house myself and Mr B have owned and is full of lots of happy memories.....and also full of some horrible renovation nightmares. 

We lived in the house for a year before organising a 'simple' re-stumping to level the house.  Unfortunately this is where it all went wrong.  We came home to find the house was level, but in the process floor boards had been ripped up and crudely cut, the original plaster was popping off the walls - and the house just looked like it was falling apart! 

Over a two year period we put nearly all our belongings into storage and embarked on a steep learning curve of how-to-renovate-your-house-on-a-budget-on-weekends-and-evenings!!  We lived in the house throughout the experience, whilst both working full time and Mr B studying for a Masters degree.  Although it was dirty, exhausting and pretty horrendous, it also gave us the opportunity to transform the house and garden and make some serious improvements to our little 1940's weatherboard. 

The house was featured on The Design Files a few years back (before all the renovations were completed) as well as being included in Sanctuary magazine and the Herald Sun Home magazine.  We managed to renovate on a budget (although this did mean doing a lot of the work ourselves) and utilise a lot of second-hand and salvaged furniture, building materials - and generally being quite inventive with resources. 

So we'll be moving away from a very special house, some very good friends and an area we're very familar with - but we're looking forward to a new adventure and experiencing life in the country!  Wish us luck with the house packing and moving - eek!!


  1. best of luck to you, such an exciting time! your house is divine and such a credit to you both.


  2. What a transformation you made to your home. I love your style and taste.
    I was only just toying with the idea of images stuck around a door frame, and now after seeing your one I'm going to give it a go.
    Thanks, x.

  3. Wow - house looks great and so much lighter and brighter after the decorating

  4. Ooh your dear little house! it is so sad saying goodbye when you have put so much into a house. I remember you blogging about it at various stages. Also, the house where your first child is born always has a strange almost melancholic pull (for me anyway). Wishing you many blessings on your new adventure and loads of happy times ahead. jxx

  5. Wow, that's an amazing transition. Your house is beautiful, it must be hard to leave it. Love that stove!
    Good luck with the move!