J&G Meakin retro 'Aztec' coffee pot

 'Aztec' coffee pot by J&G Meakin
I'm very chuffed that little Jasper at just 9 months old, already seems to have a keen eye for vintage ceramics - as I got this rather fabulous retro coffee pot for mothers day! 

The coffee pot design is called 'Aztec' and is applied to the 'Studio' shape, which was introduced by British manufacturer J&G Meakin in about 1964.  J&G Meakin started manufacturing ceramic ranges way back in 1851, and their Studio range was particularly popular both in the UK and overseas.

This is the third design by J&G Meakin I have in the Studio shape, the other two being Topic (left) and Elite (right).  I love the elegance of the studio coffee pots with their tall, slender and statuesque shape - and I also love the colour palettes of the three designs with their turquise, aqua, and olive green shades.  Gorgeous!!

The Topic design in particular has become a favourite of mine, and has featured in many of my illustrations and sketches in recent times. 

Various sketches and illustrations featuring the Topic coffee pot.


  1. Wow! What a cool mothers day gift! And beautiful illustrations as always!

  2. Oh what beautiful illustrations. I collect Midwinter and J & G Meakin coffee pots too. I live in Sydney although I'm from the UK. Do you sell any of your illustrations? I'd love to hang one on my wall!

  3. Hi Bridget,
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment about my illustrations - I'm glad you like them! Always great to meet a fellow vintage ceramics collector too :) I currently don't sell any of my illustrations, but it's something I am looking into as I've been asked the same question many times recently. Thanks again! Lucy x