Mother's Day plate illo's in Real Living magazine

My watercolour plate illustrations for Real Living magazine  
This months edition of Real Living magazine features some yummy cake recipes for Mothers Day - and the cakes are photographed on my watercolour plate illustrations!

Rather than have the cakes on actual plates, I was asked to paint the plates so the cakes could be photographed on the illustrated versions.  A very cute idea!  It was great to paint the pretty plates knowing they were going to be used as styling props, as its something very different to what I normally do. 

The delicious recipes for the cakes are: flower jam drops, blueberry cheesecakes with white chocolate base, chocolate coconut hedgehog slice, fig and frangipane tart and triple chocolate cherry cakes.



  1. Oh my goodness Lucy, they are so so beautiful!

  2. that looks lovely! and thank you for the cake recipes :)

  3. Just perfect! And you're right, it was a very cute idea! x

  4. Lucy these illustrations are just so gorgeous I have fallen in love with them. Very clever idea.