Vintage Fabric from the States

Flower patterns

Polka dots



60's style

Another fabulous reference book from the Japanese publishers at Pie Books!

Lots of cute images and reference material covering American vintage fabrics, from polka dots, to flower patterns, stripes and childrens designs. 

Although its a new book for me (bought from The Hill of Content bookshop) it looks like it was published in 2005 and I can't seem to find it on the Pie Books website.  It might have been superseded by the book Vintage Dress Fabrics from the States that I blogged about a few months ago, although the books are different and there are no repeated designs.

As a designer I love having access to lots of resource material at my fingertips for design inspiration and ideas, these Pie Books are great little reference books with heaps of imagery and I love the fact they cover vintage designs.

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