Packing, organising & sorting....

Piles of magazines to sort through!
              My beloved reference folders - full of magazine tears and inspiration
Magazine tears sorted into floral reference..... 

 traditional and damask reference.....
children's reference...... 
and house inspiration & ideas.  
         The Jolly cat wants to make sure she'll be packed up and taken to the new house!

Life has been pretty hectic here for the past few weeks, with packing up the house and sorting our belongings ready for the big house move (soooo many china teacups, coffee pots and plates to pack!).  I've also had some last minute freelance design work, so I've been busily creating some bedlinen designs amongst the house chaos and between frequent cups of tea.

I'm trying to be quite organised and sort out my piles of magazines before we move.  I love collecting magazines for ideas and inspiration and I have piles of them in my studio - some of which date back to 2004!  With the up-coming house move it's been a really good excuse to sit down at night and go through the older ones, tearing out pages for my reference folders.

My reference folders are my designer bibles, they are full of inspiration material which I turn to for almost all of my design projects and freelance work.  I have about 14 folders divided into categories such as traditional floral, contemporary floral, stripes and geometrics, tableware, children's and miscellaneous reference - and I'm constantly adding new material to them.  I can't flick through a mag without going on a tearing frenzy - pulling out anything that catches my eye and that I think will be useful reference material, so it's been great having a stash of old mags to rip into! 

I'm quite partial to a particular folder for my reference collection, with these ones being from Muji.  The folders are full of clear plastic sleeves, perfect for slipping in torn out magazine images.  Ahhh, it makes me happy just thinking about them. 

My poor little studio is now being taken over by empty boxes ready to be filled with our precious belongings.  I came in the other night to find the Jolly cat snuggled in the bottom of one of the precariously stacked pile of boxes - I guess she doesn't want to be forgotten! 


  1. Hi Lucy - Hope the move goes well!
    I have a similar addiction to magazine tears so my move took a little longer than I had anticipated - lots of late nights ripping out reference and filing away into folders. I feel much more organised now, although I still have a couple of boxes to go through..... one day. Good luck with the packing and your move to the countryside!

  2. Hi Lucy, good luck with your move! I'm impressed with your organisation. I'm also an avid magazine collector and my husband would love me to have a tear sheet system like yours. It's interesting to see where you draw your inspiration glad you found the cat before the box got sealed up LOL.

  3. Hi Lucy-what a lovely blog. I love getting glimpses into studios and the creativity inside. I wish I'd been as organized as you with my tear sheets-I have lots of lever arch files, but nothing's in any order. But I still LOVE them! Caroline :-)

  4. OMG I have folder envy! Good luck with your move Lucy. ;-) jxx