Green retro coffee pots

How fabulous are these two green retro coffee pots that arrived for my birthday!  I love the textured pattern detail on the emerald green pot, and the rather squat shape of the spout and handle on the olive coloured coffee pot. 

Nobody uses coffee pots these days, which is a shame really.  I don't use mine either, they stand together competing for admiration and proudly collecting dust!

I often wonder what children growing up today will collect in the future - most of the tabletop products produced and consumed today are white boring teapots, plain white plates, standard metal coffee pots, and coloured IKEA tableware.  All very practical and economical to purchase - but they hold no beauty or surface interest.  The appeal to me of older tableware is the fabulous colours, textures, glaze effects and patterns available - many were made during a time of exploration and discovery of new techniques and a desire for surface pattern and interesting shapes.  I somehow can't see a current tea or coffee pot lasting 50 or 60 years - let alone being placed on a shelf to be admired.  


  1. Lovely birthday present Lucy. How does it pour with the squat spout? They certainly were more elaborate in the past serving soup in tureens and coffee in beautiful pots like this (I wonder how warm it keeps the coffee). Yes it's going to be interesting to see what the "vintage" of the future is going to be. Have a great weekend. Catherine

  2. Hello there Lucy, recently found your blog and have been reading through some of your older posts. Do like these retro coffee pots, I often see them at antique markets !!