This is For You - Rob Ryan

I received some great books for Christmas this year, I always love getting inspiration and reference books as gifts and I normally have a long list of titles that I'm after!  This sweet book was a surprise from my lovely partner Mr B, it's called 'This is For You' and its full of the most beautiful paper cut illustrations by Rob Ryan
I think Rob Ryans work is really quite amazing! On my last two visits to London I've tried to visit his shop in the very cute Columbia Road, but sadly have always been in the area when its closed :(
Whilst the book isn't the same as seeing his work in person, its lovely to see his exceptionally cute and superbly intricate paper cut illustrations narrating thoughts on loneliness and finding love.
I'm amazed at the level of patience you must have to be able to cut such detailed artwork with nothing more than a scalpel blade, keen eye and very steady hands!  You wouldn't want to lose concentration or have to answer the phone whilst working on these pieces!!
So very lovely - thank you Mr B!  Rob Ryan also has an Etsy shop selling his paper cuts and screen printed designs here! 

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