Kitchen things

A few months ago we headed along to the closing down sale at the Mornington Antiques Centre.  I was kind of sad the day I discovered it was the day it was closing down - typical!
We picked up this cute little sideboard - I actually think it may have originally been designed or used for a record player and housing records (yep remember those vinyl round things we used to listen to music on!!) because of the tall thin compartments on the right hand side, that don't seem to be suitable for storing anything apart from wine!!
We decided anyway to use it in our kitchen, as its perfect for storing sideplates, teatowels and some of my teapots and kettles - such as this little retro beauty complete with whistling spout!
I also bought this orange patterend enamel dish - which matches the coffee pot I already had.  Perfect!   
And how about this gorgeous metal tin with fabulous illustrations all the way around.  I've no idea of the age or origins of the tin - but I just loved the very cute kitchen themed patterns and colours and for a whole $4 I thought it was a bargain!

If you're interested in all things 'kitchen' you must head over to Liz Jones' (of Betty Jo Designs) new blog You Will Always Find Me......  She has started a blog all about 'kitchen goodness' and like me she has a fondess for all things vintage, retro, colourful and quirky in the kitchen! 
It's going to be a fabulous blog and features some images of Liz's own amazing kitchen (see above).  You can submit your own kitchen pics too - which I will be doing very soon!  The blog has gone straight to my bookmarks poolroom (if you know what I mean!) 


  1. Talk about coffee pot sycronicity....yours is a beauty! Love the sideboard and the matching enamel bowl too.

  2. Those tins are Sunshine Powdered Milk tins - they released many many different designs as collector tins - just like Milo does now. We've used these tins but different designs as biscuit tins in our family for years.

  3. Hi Helen!
    Thanks so much for letting me know about my colourful tins history - and I love the idea of the tins being used for biscuits!! Now there's an to buy some biscuits I think :-)

  4. Hi Helen, I have one of those tins too! I always wondered what they contained. THanks for sharing your lovely collection and sideboard. xTracey

  5. Forgot to say - some of them will be Nestle powdered milk and some are Sunshine powdered milk.

  6. Oh wow luce, love the addition to your family & especially love the tins very jealous. You have the most wonderful Op shops.
    Love Soph x