Exciting new melamine designs!

I'm very excited about some melamine designs I've been working on arrived in the post this week!  I'd started developing a range of designs last year for Lucy King Design, and of course everything got delayed with the sampling due to christmas - but they have all arrived now!

As usual I couldn't decide on one particular range of designs - and so I sampled all of them!  It's the worst thing being a designer is having so many ideas - too many ideas most of the time.  And having no brief to answer means endless options for design themes and styles......graphic, retro, hand painted, pretty, bold etc etc. 

I'd love to be able to create and develop my own range, but apart from having to work out all the manufacturing costs, packaging, retail margins, how to sell the products and if it's actually viable to do (and make a profit myself!) I first need to narrow down the designs to proceed with - and that's the tricky part!!

So, I'm hoping I can ask for some help and feedback from whoever might see this blog post and is kind enough to cast their vote from the designs below.  I've divided the designs into themes - so you can either nominate a theme you like, or a specific design, or your top 3 designs! 
The design references are all under the pictures.

Floral 1
Floral 2
Floral 3
Floral 4
Map 1 (Australia East Coast)
Map 2 (Australia)
Map 3 (United Kingdom)
Retro 1 (wallpaper)
Retro 2 (fabric)
Retro 3 (wallpaper)
Retro Floral 1
Retro Floral 2
Retro Floral 3
Vintage 1
Vintage 2
Vintage 3
Vintage 4
Vintage 5
Vintage 6
Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated - thank you!  You can vote anonomously too if you'd rather not leave your name or link to a website / blog.    


  1. Floral 2 and Retro Floral 1 are freaking gorgeous - well done you!

  2. Oooh my first vote - yay - thanks so much!!

  3. The vintage maps are lovely, but I especially love every vintage tableware illustration plate. Good luck with it all :)

  4. floral 1, map 1, vintage 6, i love them!


  5. Oh lucy, all gorgeous, but If I had to choose:
    Floral 4, Retro Floral 1, Retro 1 and 2, Map2,

  6. I'm digging the floral and vintage tableware themes. My favourite is vintage one. Yep!

  7. Thanks for your votes so far everyone - so exciting to see which designs and themes you like! Lucy x

  8. My favourite is Vintage 1, but they are all excellent. The floral designs would be a great picnic/bbq range!

  9. Hi Lucy. I like Floral designs 4, 3 and 2 in that order. Retro 2 and 3. Retro Floral 1 and 2. I think Retro 2 is great! Hope this helps and look forward to the results. Tomas

  10. Lucy I love all your florals but my absolute favourite is Retro 1. I hope this range gets 'The People's Choice' vote and you get it into production. Sandi King

  11. Hey Lucy, the floral prints are pretty amazing especially 2 and 4. I also like the blue retro flowers and retro fabric 2. Can we eat tacos off them tonight???

  12. Hi Lucy, Floral 3 is my favourite in that range. I also like the fabric one, Retro 2.

  13. They're fabulous! Congratulations Lucy you must be thrilled! jx

  14. Wow this is tricky...all so lovely. Not sure if this feedback will help or hinder but I have 2 favourite groups - Vintage Tableware and Maps. But also absolutely love retro 3 (wallpaper) - the texture up close looks fabulous; hand painted floral 2; and retro style floral 1. Fran xx

  15. Hey Luce! Love all the hand-painted florals, particularly #2, and the vintage maps are super cute too!

  16. The are all great, but my favorites are floral 4, vintage 2 & vintage 6.

  17. Hi Luce, wow wasn't expecting to see such fabulous designs & they all work so well. So, I have looked several times & I have to sit on the fence with regards to the maps as I love all 3 of them & think they are so diferent and quirky. The trouble is I think I would want to eat the food too quickly to see where I was on the map ! I also love Retro 2 and Retro floral 1. Good luck & send us some ..he, he. Love Sophie xx

  18. Floral 1, Floral 4, Retro Floral 1, are all gorgeous. I also like Map 1 (Australia East Coast)and Map 3 (United Kingdom).

  19. Lucy these are fabulous! I can't go past your signature style florals - they are lovely. If I had to pick one out of the group ... perhaps floral 2 but they are all gorgeous. You MUST be really pleased with all of these!

  20. Hi Lucy I love the Floral & Vintage designs! Why?
    They are painted by you so they showcase your creativity & feed off the previous work you've done. They are striking, whimsical, delicate & fun too.
    I think if you release one theme at a time then people can mix & match designs or not.
    The Retro designs I enjoy too as they tap into a certain niche but I wonder if they would be as eyecatching as the others & I think would have less age range appeal. All the best! xx

  21. I LOVE the maps but that's only coz I like to travel so much. How amazing to be eating off a plate and working on where your next holiday will be at the same time. Great idea. I also like the floral designs, they seem quite distinctive. Have you considered showcasing your work in Frankie magazine? They often feature upcoming artists and designers (especially if you give them a sample to give away).
    Good luck with it all.

  22. Thanks so much to everyone who's commented on my melamine designs! It's been great to get so much feedback and support and I really appreciate all the comments and suggestions :)
    Thanks everyone!
    Lucy x

  23. Hi Lucy,

    The designs are great - feeling very envious of your job right now!

    I particularly like Map 1 and all of the wallpapers as well as your retro florals. I think they are perfectly OTT for melamine and people will love their kitsch value.

  24. Hi Lucy
    Got this link from Kate, personal favourites are vintage maps and vintage table illustrations, I would hang the map ones on my wall and I think the table illustration range looks lovely to eat off. Lovely designs.:)

  25. Hi Lucy!
    Floral - I like 1 and 4 because i prefer the ones that are a bit less symmetrical or larger scale. Beautiful illustrations.
    Maps - I love 1 and 3
    Retro - I like 1 and 3. I ike them because they are the old wallpaper and you get the texture effect too. the muted tonal colours work well.
    Retro Flower - I really like it but i feel its maybe less special, but then on the other hand maybe more commercial? I like the blue flower side placement best.
    Vintage Tableware - 3 and 6 are my favourite i think but i love all of these. Its nice to keep the theme in the kitchen as they are plates and i love your illustrations! id buy these as presents for friends! I do also really like 1 and 2....
    Good luck deciding which to proceed with! definately you should do some with your own illustrations because they are unique and special. but i also think the maps and vintage wallpaper would be good sellers in a lot of melbourne shops.
    Hopefully catch up soon!
    Sian x

  26. My favourites are Floral 2, Retro 3 (wallpaper) & Retro Floral 1 - these are all lovely!

  27. I adore them all but particularly LOVE the vintage range. I badly want to own each one!
    I have used a pic. of your cute enamel coffee pot on my new kitchen blog
    It would be super great if you would consider submitting some pics of your kitchen.

  28. Hi Lucy! Great work m'dear. Ok... so, I think the first 4 floral designs are beautiful and the most commercial for melamine - they scream summer picnics, BBQ's etc. Also the retro florals are all good, and again very commercial, but I do prefer your painted florals. I love your painted teapots, teacups etc but think they might loose the quality of the brushwork if printed onto melamine - I think these would be more successful on ceramic. Hope the comments help! Will chat to G and S and organise a catch up soon. xx

  29. Wow! So many!
    My faves are the maps and I think they'd be really saleable to the melbourne crowd in particular (hey, why not have city themes? I'd love an Adelaide plate!).

    I'd then go for your hand painted - vintage 1,2 and 3...and I do like floral 2...I agree with Gilly that the hand painted florals would be most commercial.

    So many options but I really think you couldn't go wrong! They are all FAB! Super idea.