Making jewellery from recycled plates

My other work I am currently involved in is making jewellery out of second-hand and vintage plates! It sounds crazy I know.....
My background is as a surface-pattern designer for ceramic tableware (I used to design for Wedgwood) so over the years I have developed a love and fascination for all sorts of decorative patterned vintage china and 'kitchenalia'. With a magpie’s eye I am always rummaging through second-hand shops, salvage yards and antique shops for my next find - and this is where I generally find the plates to be transformed into jewellery.

Double 'Willow' featuring birds - SOLD

I carefully select the pre-loved plates for interesting composition and colour arrangements to transform into the jewellery pieces. The shapes and patterns are dictated by the plates themselves, with the finished pieces being a fantastic opportunity to showcase the beauty of the old plates and patterns.

Vintage Rose - SOLD

I like the idea of revitalising what many people would see as mundane discarded plate, and giving it a new lease of life by recycling it into new creations.

Vintage floral - SOLD


  1. I think the jewellery is wonderful, a great idea and very different to your other design skills. Love the blog, a visual treat, I look forward to checking it out on a regular basis.

  2. Completely gorgeous! Don't tempt me to visit your Etsy store, you wicked woman... :)

  3. Hi Claire!
    You're in luck - I don't have a lot in the store at the moment! (Must put some more pieces in though!) ;-)
    I've been a fan of your blog for a while now - so glad you popped in to have a looksy at mine!

  4. i'm in love with your jewellery! how on earth to do make them so perfectly?

  5. Hi there,
    They're made with a lot of time and patience - and a little help from an industrial process that I've hi-jacked for craft purposes! I'm glad you like them as it's a bit of a labour of love more than anything else :-)

  6. i love your jewellery and im thinking of attempting to make some for myself! is it very dusty when you cut it? and are the edges really sharp? x

  7. Hi Rebekah,
    Thanks - I'm glad you like the jewellery :)
    It's a very clean process getting the plates cut, and surprisingly the edges aren't at all sharp. As the plates are cut and not smashed there aren't any sharp edges, but I do hand sand the edges to smooth them and finish them off.