Welcome to my studio

I thought I'd give a little insight into my studio space where most of my work is created. I have transformed a spare room into the studio - it's great having a dedicated room to work in, especially now I have left my design job and I am working from home full-time.
Most of the furniture and bits and pieces are second-hand and salvage yard finds. The large desk (top left) is an ex-design studio desk from a salvage yard - so it is perect for storing paper and artwork on the shelf underneath (It is actually rather large and was a feat of engineering to get it in the house and in the room!) The smaller desk at the front is also a second-hand purchase - I bought it off a shop when they were renovating and it's a perfect size for working on the computer. You can also see my stack of second-hand plates waiting to be transformed into something new.
The metal trolley on wheels (above left) was picked up at a building reclamation yard and the shelving is ideal for housing paper, envelopes and all sorts of bits and pieces that find their way into this room.
The old message board (above right) which I use for my collection of flyers and brochures was from the same reclamation yard - it actually belonged in the guys office and he didn't use it - I think he thought I was mad when I said I wanted to buy it!!

One of my walls is a giant pin-up board, where I stick up magazine tears, artwork and anything that inspires me. It's great having a constant reminder of things I want to do and seeing amazing clever people and their work.


  1. fantastic! I love getting a sneak peek into artists studios!! super jealous!!

    But it looks lovely!!

  2. Hi art4friends!
    Oooh me too - I love a good sticky-beak into a creative domain!
    It is lovely... but a bit lonely at times. Just me and the (very sleepy) pussy cat!