Me Old China - custom art

Recently I was contacted by a very lovely lady and commissioned to create a piece of art based on the recycled ceramic plate pendants I make.

She loved all of the different colours and patterns of the plates used in the jewellery items, and wanted a piece of art to frame capturing segments of the plates.

It was a great brief to work on and I was able to source a variety of found plates to create the finished piece of art (picture above). What a great excuse to go shopping in flea-markets and second-hand shops!

This detail shows some of the plates used in the piece - including retro plates by Ridgway, Royal Doulton and British Anchor, and also a vintage Mason's plate. The end result is a fabulous montage of pattern and colour - and who would have thought these were all once plates that were discarded and just left to gather dust.

This is the finished piece framed and hung on a very fitting coloured wall.


  1. oh wow this looks STUNNING!!

    your illustrations are just fantastic!!

    Renee x

  2. Hi Renee! Many thanks for your message and lovely feedback about my work :-)
    Lovely you stopped by and thanks for taking the time to have a look.
    Lucy x