Quality Control.... Jolly style!

A very important part of any production process is quality control.

Jolly casting a watchful eye over the hand-sanded and finished pieces and checking all is OK to proceed.

Constructing jewellery from found plates is no exception - and my trusty sidekick Jolly is always on hand to ensure the qc process is closly monitored.....
Hmmm a closer inspection of the compositions is clearly needed here.

I spend a lot of time making sure the pieces of plates are nicely finished, removing rough edges and hand sanding each individual piece. I then carefully lay out all the pieces to start to explore different compositions and arrangements......
Nope! Didn't like the look of these ones.

..... and then Jolly comes along and has other ideas!
I'll just make sure everything is messed-up so you can start the process again!

Thanks for your help Jolly!

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