Goodies from England

I've just recently got back from a big trip to England and Ireland, where we took little baby Jasper to meet his grandparents.  Sadly, travelling with a baby means not a lot of spare luggage allowance for hunting down British second-hand ceramic goodies.  However, I did manage to squeeze this very cute china jug and bowl in my suitcase - somewhere in between babygrows and nappies!

I don't know who the original manufacturer is, as unfortunately there's no backstamp only a 'Made in England' stamp on the bottom.  I loved the classic retro pattern, colours and the use of dots for texture.  Super-cute!
Here's the little guy in England, just catching up on current British news and reading about the Euro crisis!


  1. awww.. love the photo of the little guy... way too cute! :)

  2. that picture of your baby with the times is adorable! i'm glad i found your blog, it's lovely. i'll be back to check on what you are up to. happy december!