Me Old China - new Willow jewellery (finally!)

I've finally had time in between a few other jobs I've had on the go, to finish making some new Willow jewellery and upload onto my Etsy shop

I always underestimate how much time is involved to create the pieces and get everything listed, but there is such an immense sense of satisfaction when they are all finished and ready to go.  I have some other plates cut and ready to be transformed into jewellery (including a gorgeous Clarice Cliff design) but these will have to wait a while to begin their evolution!     
The image above shows an example of a Willow plate once I've decided where the pieces are to be cut, and the individual pieces removed - so you can see the jewellery really is crafted from discarded dinner plates!  You can see more jewellery at my shop here


  1. All beautiful! Oh please let me know when the Clarice Cliff pieces are done....I'm a huge fan and have some of her collectible pieces (not for re-purposing I may add!)

  2. Hi Liz! I'll let you know when I've finished the Clarice Cliff pieces - they're not from her famous hand painted 'Bizarre' range, it's a red / pink transfer pattern called Tonquin from around the 1920's and it's rather lovely. Would you believe I picked up the two matching plates from an Oxfam charity shop in the UK!

  3. I am just finding your blog! I love your creativity! Any chance you could recommend a tutorial for cutting china plates into shapes for jewelry? I would love to try this! Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Michelle, I'm afraid I haven't been making any of the jewelry from ceramic plates for several years now since the birth of my children, so it's not something I'm involved with anymore. Thanks! Lucy