'My World Series' - vintage children's book collection

I spied this collection of 'My World Series' vintage kids books a few weeks ago - and couldn't resist snapping them up!

The books are part of an Australian educational series consisting of 32 book in total (sadly I don't have the full collection and am missing a few) with titles including; My Friend The Policeman, Nursing, The Post Office, Our Happy Family, Engines at Work and Frogs! 

The books were published from the early to late 1960's - and are a real sign of the times!  Not only are the illustrations all hand drawn which I just love (no photography or CAD images in these books!) but some of the subject matter and descriptions are obviously now quite dated. 

The books are all Geelong Teachers College Library books, printed in Melbourne.
The images above are from 'Fishing' (published in 1965).  They've even included whaling - with images of men hunting the whales!!  Thes images below are from 'Wheat' (published in 1963)

These images are from 'Susan's First Flight' (published in 1965).  Calling an aeroplane 'aircraft' hasn't caught on (read below) but I think the uniforms were certainly better in the 60's!
And lastly here are some images taken from 'Electricity' (published 1963).  I love how they've included pictures of the trams in Melbourne - and you can see the style of cars that were on the street at the time.  Cute!

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  1. Wow Lucy! They are priceless. I love them and I truly love seeing the librarian's handwriting there at the back. Just gorgeous. Thanks for showing us. jx