Japanese mugs

Cute patterned Japanese mugs from Gleaners Inc 

Last week I blogged about the super-cute shop Gleaners Inc.  As usual, I couldn't visit a shop selling second-hand kitchenalia without making a small purchase!  I came away with these very gorgeous Japanese mugs with the most amazing pattern details. 

I love that the mugs are in three colours and the patterns are all different - with a mix of geometric and floral motifs.  I already have a small collection of these style of Japanese mugs - but I'd never before come across any quite so intricate or patterned!

The above mugs are ones I already had and which have featured in some of my illustrations and sketches, so the new patterned ones will be a great addition to my growing collection. 


 Some sketches featuring my Japanese mugs

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  1. These cups reminded me of when I was a little girl.. a neighbor lady who was my mum's friend used to make a cup of Milo with a cup which was a very similar design :)
    Yes I am from Japan :)