Gleaners Inc

Uh-oh..... There's a new cute shop in Brunswick selling lots of things that I like!.....
Cute details outside the ecclectic 'Gleaners Inc' 

Lots of second hand, vintage and retro goodies! 

Betty Jo's famous recycled lino brooches and clocks - and wall plates by Me Old China!
Fab owls revamped from old kitchen utensils and found objects from Focus on Art - love, love, love!

Succulents planted in metallic blue teapots, one of my Me Old China cut-out wall plates and ceramic brooches by Septembre Vintage Ceramics

Betty Jo's studio space and workshop on-site at Gleaners Inc 

Upcycled vintage fabric bags and pouches by Curlypops 
Gleaners Inc is a new shop run by the very lovely Liz Jones of Betty Jo fame.  The cute little shop is based in an old 1950's Perruci Shirts factory and has lots of second hand, vintage, recycled, retro and kitsh treasures (very dangerous for my pocket money!)  It also stocks recycled work by local designers, including Betty Jo, Curlypops, Focus on Art, Septembre Vintage Ceramics and my collection of my Me Old China wall plates.

The shop space also occupies the workshop for Liz to make her revamped brooches, clocks and jewellery from old lino.  I'm super jealous as I'd love to have a studio and retail space in a 1950's factory!!

Gleaners Inc is at 2 Ballarat Street, Brunswick (just around the corner from the Mariana Hardwick building in Sparta Place, just off Sydney Road)


  1. Great pictures, thanks for sharing this... i love the way my ceramic jewellery is displayed in this colorful plate beside fantastic creations , have to visit (quickly)!!!

  2. Thanks Lucy for the fantastic photos of the shop. Do you have a magic camera? Or just a great eye!
    Thanks for visiting....I'm very smitten with your little Jasper.xx

  3. Thanks so much for taking some super gorgeous photos at Gleaners Inc. I haven't had the chance to visit since Liz opened the doors. It looks amazing!
    Thanks so much for including my goodies too!

  4. great post & pics! found you through Miss Curlypops ♥

  5. Just love those pics!
    So many wonderful items - I'm just going to have to find the time to get there!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great pictures! Will have to pay a visit soon as I'm just up the road - could be dangerous!

  7. Great post, Lucy. You've captured the feel of the place perfectly as well as snapping some superb shots. Thanks so much for the Focus on Art links, too.
    It is a dangerous little shop: Liz has set the place up brilliantly with some fabulous products. ;o)

  8. I'm LUH-HUH-VING this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adore adore adore!!!! ahhh!!!!!