Christmas coffee pot delights!

I received this fantastic coffee pot for Christmas from my lovely partner Mr DB - who knows me and my style all too well!! He picked it up at a local vintage and second-hand market - and I just love it! It goes perfectly with my little red enamel milk pan and it makes a lovely pot of coffee :-)
We don't know anything about it though - if it is an original retro coffee pot, or the manufacturer / country of origin..... it certainly doesn't look hand-painted, and definitely looks like it was manufactured with the red top and cute floral pattern.
If anyone does know anything about it I'd love to know - I wondered if the fab retro fanatics over at H is for Home might know?.....


  1. Sorry, we don't really know! It's looks classic Italian, but with a Scandinavian twist! ;o)

  2. Hello H is for Home! Thanks for having a look anyway... it's still got me stumped, but I like your thinking with the Scandinavian twist!