Little Golden Books - 'Tootle'

A few weeks ago ( on yet another second-hand shop jaunt) I picked up a pile of old 'Little Golden Books' and was very excited to see some of my favourites from when I was a child! It really was a trip down memory lane and it was lovely revisiting them after such a long time.

I thought I'd profile a few of the books starting with 'Tootle'. Tootle is a small locomotive train and his story about his education at Lower Trainswitch School - where small trains learn how to become big trains, and all the distractions with the meadow next to his train tracks.

It's a very cute story and full of lovely old-school illustrations by Tibor Gergely. The books original copyright date is 1945.


  1. It's lovely to re-visit Little Golden Books! I recently picked up a few Mary Blair illustrated favourites at K-mart - only $2 but nowhere near the quality of vintage pre-loved titles. I would love to dig out some of my childhood Golden Books, but with 3 younger brothers.... probably not in the best condition.

  2. Even though I'm reaching mid 30's....I still buy these titles when I see them in an op shop. I always turn the book around to see if it has no barcode....then I know it's a bit older. Like when I was a kid and a Little Golden Book was bought for scanners at the register in the 70's!

  3. Hi there! Yes I'm (nearly...but not quite) in my mid-30's too so there's a definite nostalgia for these books we had as children - I didn't know about the barcodes though so I'm off to check mine out!

    Your blog is lovely btw - just gorgeous images and photographs. It's a skill I wish I had to take lovely photographs.