Gardening with quirky 'pots'

I thought I'd share some more pictures from my garden and my love for turning all sorts of found and recycled items into containers for plants.
My love for kitchenalia and ceramic dinnerware doesn't just end in the kitchen - it also extends into the garden! Found coloured saucepans, old second-hand tin kettles and empty food tins all make wonderful colourful and unusual containers for plants! I've even used an old magazine rack as a plant holder (see picture above). Teacups and saucers also feature housing small succulents and small spider-plants.
Gardens are great for anyone with a creative passion - you can be very experimental in the garden and I love that gardens are constantly changing. Container planting is perfect for moving plants around and playing with different compositions. For anyone else with a quirky eye for their garden I can highly recommend the book 'Planted Junk' by Adam Caplin - you can buy it here.


  1. Lovely assortment of pots ... looks like a nice place to sit with a cup of tea ... and it seems you have a cat just like mine ... always has to be in the shot! xx

  2. Hi Allison! Yes it's a lovely place to have a cup of tea (peppermint or earl grey preferably) and the lovely Jolly cat is so much more photogenic than me!! Lucy x