Seasons greetings & holiday wishes

I just thought I'd take this opportunity to pass on festive seasons greetings and wish everyone happy holidays! I know not everyone celebrates the Christmas tradition, but I guess it's still a great time to (hopefully) take some time out to relax, enjoy being with friends and family - and share much laughter, joy and good food!

Having grown up in England I still can't get used to Christmas in the summer - and I do miss the cold, dark days at this time of year. It was always magical growing up with all the twinkly christmas lights, cold and dark weather outside but so lovely and toasty and snug inside with open fires and endless supply of mince pies and mulled wine.

Not having family over here Christmas is normally spent with other 'orphan' friends having a good Aussie Christmas with obligatory bbq packed with lovely fresh seafood - so it's not all bad!!

Whatever and however you chose to celebrate I wish everyone a happy one!


  1. Dera Ms King,
    I am having a very cozy day in 'back-blogging' (reading past blog content)and have to say I am enjoying yours immensly!
    I am from Leeds but now live in Ballarat and I can thouroughly identify with your thoughts on Christmas!
    Right now, my seasonal 'body clock' is telling me that it's time for Guy Fawkes night, for crispy leaves and the anticipation of yuletide window displays, cheap and cheerful council city lights and for Blue Peter putting their Turtle into its hibernation box.

  2. Hi there!!
    I'd forgotten all about Blue Peter - that's so funny! Yeah I feel I should be planning my christmas list right now and heating up some mulled wine!