What a surprise!.....

.....to open up the pages of the Herald Sun magazine on saturday and see my house starting back at me!!  It was very unexpected and a big surprise.

The Herald Sun are doing a great series of peoples homes in their Saturday magazine - often featuring local creative peoples homes and interior spaces.  I was interviewed a couple of months ago so I knew it would eventually be in the magazine - but I just didn't know when!

Sorry about the poor quality pictures which I've scanned in from the magazine....

The article was essentially about our house renovation - which wasn't supposed to be a renovation only our re-stumping caused complete chaos to the house and we ended up with a lot more work than expected!  I can just about look back and laugh about the experience without having a meltdown.

A big thanks to the Herald Sun for featuring my little house and making it look so lovely in the pictures - and it's definitely worth checking out their Saturday magazine if, like me, you like to have a sneek-peak into other peoples homes and interiors!


  1. Hi Lucy. Popped in after seeing your article in the HS. Your space is so cool, you obviously have the knack of knowing which bits to keep, and which bits to toss. Really lovely home. I also noticed on your side bar that 'Now&Then' stocks your jewellery. I was in there only a couple of weeks ago admiring it and thinking how clever some people are. Who knew???

  2. Hi Penny! Thanks so much for popping over and for your comment :-) How funny that you saw my jewellery recently too - I guess after the HS article you can now picture me at the kitchen table making them!! Lucy

  3. How lovely (gorgeous house btw) and what a great surprise! It must have felt quite surreal! I'll see if i can get my mits on last week's HS. jx

  4. Congratulations! - and your house is gorgeous!

  5. Wow Luce the article looks fab & congratulations. Would it be possible to get a copy of the article ? Lol Soph xx