Spring time gardening

Spring is finally here and it's time to start thinking about getting out into the garden!  It's been a long winter and I can't wait for some bright sunny days so I can go out and potter in the garden.  I'm definitely more of a 'potterer' than a gardener..... I don't ever have a grand plan for the garden, but just let it change and evolve depending on plants I buy, plants that die and random pots or containers I find that I think will make cute planters.

So, Spring got me thinking about one of my favourite garden books 'Planted Junk - Gardening with recycled containers' by Adam Caplin.    It's a fabulous book aimed at inspiring the use of found objects and unexpected containers for garden planting.
The book is full of great ideas for finding different objects to use as garden containers and practical advise on matching suitable plants for certain pots - but best of all it's getting people to think creatively about recycling.  Finding planters for the garden doesn't have to be expensive - scour your local tip shop, second-hand shop and hard-rubbish day and put some throw-away items to good use!

It's a lovely book to flick through and inspire your next gardening project.
I love the use of brightly coloured cardboard boxes, woven bags - and even soy milk containers!
The San Pellegrino drink cans are ideal for smaller plants, and I just LOVE the use of retro patterened enamel, ceramic and tin cannisters.  Very cute!
Used tomato tins and even old childrens toys have been transformed into colourful garden accessories
I've blogged about my little garden before here and how I love to plant with unusual containers.  Above I've planted succulents and aloe plants into old teapots, and I also found some terracotta pipes at a salvage yard which I've used to plant two differett types of succulents.    
I'm always on the look out for old kitchen-related pots to use for planting, last year I found some tin teapots and a fab yellow saucepan!
Following on with the kitchen theme I've used old metal saucepans and a colander - and I've even got some plants housed in woks and steamers in a different part of the garden!

Planted Junk is available on-line here:


  1. I am so jealous of your Garden & the fact that Spring is coming & you have the sun. We have the Winter coming & rain ! I have to say that I am inspired by the book you recommend & think I will have a look on Amazon. ps think Jolly looks very regal ;) Lol Soph xx

  2. How do you make drainage holes in saucepans and tea cups?

  3. For the saucepans I just use a regular drill bit (a fairly large sized one) and for any ceramic tea cups I use a 3.0mm glass/tile drill bit.

    I always put masking tape where I'm going to drill the hole, and for the teacups just push lightly on the drill - if you're too forceful they will break easily! Also, stand the cups on their bottoms and put the drill inside the cup (rather than turning the cups upside down) and if you have some old wood or thick cork to stand the cups on the drill will go into this - rather than your benchtop!

    Sometimes the cups will crack or break, so just don't use any expensive or antique cups!!

    I hope this helps :)

  4. Came upon your site by accident and glad I did - you have very creative ideas I will have to borrow. Thanks, God bless, and enjoy your day.