Me Old China - new cut plates

I had a bit of a rubbish week last week, and I was feeling a bit down in the dumps about my work and what I'm doing..... or rather what I'm not doing!  It resulted in a pretty un-productive week and I just couldn't find the enthusiasm to do very much at all. 

So, I thought I'd start the week off on a more positive vibe and finally get round to posting about the latest collection of Me Old China 'Polly Put The Kettle On' wall plates.
As usual the plates are all lovingly rescued from second-hand shops and markets - saved from a life of dusty shelves to be re-born as 'traditional' wall plates, with a quirky twist. 

Each plate features cut-out shapes of old-fashioned teapots, kettles, cuttlery and cups from the plate centres - and this new collection also trials 'feed me' and a 'dinner' plate!    
I'm having trouble finding suitable packaging for the plates though....  I need a box that is the size of a dinner plate, is strong and sturdy to take the weight of the plates, and is suitable to put in the post.  Plus, I only need a small quanity of boxes because the plates aren't mass-produced so I only make a few at a time. 

In true style I've managed to find a product where there are no box sizes for this shape, size or weight  - so I might have to make my own boxes from recycled fruit and veg packaging!  Not very professional I guess, but needs must!

These plates and others are all available from the Me Old China shop


  1. Dearest Lucy,
    I'm sorry you had a sucky week :( I told you to call me when that happens so I can tell you just how ace I think you are! Seriously ... I'll be part of your cheer squad next time okay?!?
    As for the boxes, I could only think of plain gourmet pizza boxes or perhaps yes, you may have to make something yourself - bu that could be fun ... a creative pop-up box!
    Hope this week is a little lighter xx

  2. Awww thanks Allison :-) You know what it's like when you're working on your own.... it can get a bit tough with no one around to pick you up when the old head gets in a bit of a mess. Thanks for your support and I feel suitably told off - I'll call you next time for sure!
    Funnily enough I did think of pizza boxes too - I might have to investigate this some more. Or, a free pizza with every plate - now that's a good idea!! ;-)
    Lucy x

  3. Hi Gorgeous Girl... Just sent you an email and a cuddle.. hope you got them xx

  4. Luce I am sooo very proud of you & think the new plates are fab & I so want a set !! Sorry to hear that you were feeling down & it is even harder when you are the other side of the World for me to give you a hug. Sending you lots of positive, creative love & vibes. Lol Soph xx