'Buy Nothing New Month' with the Salvos

Wow, I can't beleive it is going to be October tomorrow!  On the one hand I can't wait as it means we'll start to get warm sunny days and summer is finally on it's way, on the other hand I'm a bit freaked out we are coming to the end of 2010 already.  Where is this year going?!....

But maybe the best thing about October is this great inititive by The Salvos who are running a campaign throughout the month of October called Buy Nothing New Month - and I think its a great idea!

The idea isn't to not to buy anything for a month - but anything that isn't a necessity perhaps consider swapping, buying second-hand, or hunting down at your local garage sale instead.  The campaign is about getting people to think about sustainable shopping, the overall life-cycle of products, the impact shopping for 'stuff' has on the environment - and all the while helping to save a few $$$ by buying second-hand!  (What's not to love about that!!)

We all consume a huge amount of 'stuff', and as the Buy Nothing New Month website states 
 'Consumption today often involves buying things we don't need, with money we don't have, to impress people we don't like!'

With this in mind, the campaign is aimed to get us to spend our money more thoughtfully, to think a little more carefully about the purchases we make and why, and to understand the impact our desire to consume is having on our environment.

I definitely don't need another excuse to head to the local Salvo's for my next purchase - so I'll probably see you there!!

Head over to Buy Nothing New Month for more info....


  1. Sign me up baby!! I'm in...shouldn't be too much of a stretch. I love the salvo's/vinnies.

  2. goodness!
    that is one mighty blog!
    totally. impressed!