Second hand Little Golden Books

Animal Orchestra  


The Little Red Hen 

I picked up a great stash of second hand children's books from the local op-shop last week, including four Little Golden Books.  Two of the Little Golden books were Animal Orchestra & The Little Red Hen - both of which I had as a child, so I was particularly excited to find them!

Animal Orchestra was illustrated by Tibor Gergely, who also illustrated two of my other favourite Little Golden Books Tootle and Scuffy The Tug Boat which I posted about when I first started writing this blog.

Animal Orchestra is a rhyming story about a group of animals and their musical instruments, with this quirky orchestra conducted by a rather large and flamboyant hippo!  And I'm sure everyone knows the story of The Little Red Hen and her attempt to get help baking some bread.

As with all the children's books I buy it's the hand-drawn illustrations that captures my attention, and these two books are fabulous examples of old-school hand painted illustrations.  There are still a couple more Little Golden Books I remember from my childhood which I'm hoping to track down, but for now I'll just delight in finding these. 


  1. We have these too, especially adore the Seven Little Postmen, my 7 year old still loves me to read it to him!

  2. They' re just delightful, Lucy, and tootle was one of my faves as a kid. I also adored The Colour Kittens. It almost put me in a trance, I remember staring so hard at the illos that i felt as if i was entering into them. And the 'science' of mixing colours was not lost on me, i found it amazing, magical.Who would have thought red and blue would make purple! Love your Frankie spread too! I wondered when you were going to pop up in their lovely pages! jxx