Collage cup & saucer

      Teacup & saucer, created from collaged vintage maps and various patterned papers
When I posted recently about my collection of envelopes, it reminded me about this little collage teacup & saucer I created a while ago.

The background is a photocopied sketch of one of my teacups and saucers, and I then used vintage map pages and various patterned papers to create collage details of the cup and saucer pattern.

I deliberatly left most of the saucer plain except for one flower and a couple of leaves, otherwise it would have become too busy if everything was collaged.  I also put a patterned background in behind some of the teacup and saucer to help it stand out from the white page.

I like the collage effect and it made a nice change from painting! 


  1. Hi Lucy, I've had a good browse of your blog,, so many treats, like a candy store! Photocopying your work and reinventing it with collage is a great idea, thanks for sharing, I'm your newest follower and will visit often, Pippa :)

  2. This is a wonderful blog! Vintage housewares, painting, collage, and other art all in one place? Fantastic!

  3. Lucy, I love this. Can't believe I missed it the first time. I want one!