My first mothers day!

 Card and envelope from Kikki K



 'Modern Vintage Style' by Emily Chalmers

Wow, I've just had my very first mothers day! Whilst not yet officially a mum, at nearly 7 months pregnant I don't have long to go before I will be one!! 2011 is turning out to be a big year for me, I celebrated 10 years of living in Australia a few months ago, then me and Mr B celebrated our 14 year anniversary last week, and in a few months I'll be a brand spanking new mum - eek!

No doubt lots of big changes ahead (one of them being to make my house a little more baby friendly) and its quite overwhelming to think of the responsibility of being a mum, without the support of family around me. Anyway, I received a lovely card and book to celebrate my first (almost) mothers day!!

The card is from Kikki K - how cute is the graphic retro inspired kitchen theme, with a coordinating patterned envelope to boot! And I got a great book called 'Modern Vintage Style' by UK stylist Emily Chalmers (owner of the fabulous London boutique Caravan) - full of inspiration images, style ideas, and gorgeous house shots of people living with modern vintage style. It shows great examples of how to mix modern pieces with vintage elements, with lots of colour, pattern and personality. I love it :)

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  1. That book looks gorgeous. Loving the hexagon quilt. Congrats on your first (almost) mother's day!