Fruity sketches

Strawberries painted with inks and watercolours, with the inside of a bank envelope and map pages to also create a collaged strawberry!    

More map pages to create collaged apples along with the letraset transfers.
I've been playing around with some 'experimental' sketches and combining watercolour, inks and collage elements into the sketching process.  It's been really fun to let go and not think too much about what I'm drawing, but just to let my hand do the talking so to speak! 

None of these sketches were mapped out first or roughly sketched in pencil - I simply dived straight in with paintbrush and paints, and started quickly drawing what I saw in front of me.  I was trying not to spend too much time drawing or perfecting the fruity props, but to just quickly layer inks and watercolours and keep things simple.

For the collage elements I used a mix of old map pages, the insides of envelopes and any scrap patterened papers or fabrics that suited the subject matter.  I also bought some letraset letter transfers, and used these to add the names of the fruit - I like the combination of 'formal' and structured lettering against the washy fluid sketches.

Happy sketching!


  1. Wow these are really cute!! Love the use of mixed media! I can't even tell you which is my favourite as I love them all :)

  2. Thanks! They're just a bit of fun to keep me occupied in between projects. I'm glad you like them :)

  3. Beautiful illustrations! I love your use of letraset too - a blast from the past.

  4. Wow they look fab!! Love them all especially the strawberries!!

  5. I think these are wonderful Lucy.