Birthday weekend

 My big stash of reference books and some of the latest UK and Australian magazines!
Fab patterns on the inside of envelopes from Kikki K 
Lovely floral patterned wrapping paper from The Wrapping Paper Co.
 'Acanthus' by William Morris and William De Morgan c.1876

 'Seaweed' by John Henry Dearle c.1901

'The Merchant's Daughter' by Edward Burne-Jones c.1864

It was my birthday over the weekend and I had a lovely time catching up with friends and being very spoilt.  I received a big pile of art and design reference books, as well as a stash of UK and Australian home and interior magazines!  I always love having a pile of books and magazines to flick through, so these should keep me busy for a while!

I had some gifts wrapped in this fab wrapping paper from The Wrapping Paper Co, and I'm also loving the patterned inside of envelopes from Kikki K - so much fun to open up a plain envelope and find such happy colours and patterns on the inside!  Very cute.

And how lovely are these stamps from Royal Mail.  The stamps are from a collection called Morris & Company - and feature some of William Morris' designs, as well as some of the most significant designers who worked with the company, founded in 1861.  I was much inspired by William Morris whilst studying Textile Design - his designs are timeless, he created the most amazing intricate repeat patterns, and his design philosophy 'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful' is a good one to live by!

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  1. Lovely stamps. I've put the biscuit tin designs on my blog in case you would like to see them.